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Royal Family Issues – Prince Harry ‘can’t face’ William, Charles till memoir release

Prince Harry is said to be intentionally avoiding him family, including Prince Charles and Prince William, till his memoir drops, as per a royal expert.

The Duke of Sussex last year announced that he is working on an ‘intimate’ memoir about his life, and while the contents remain a secret, it has long been feared that the book may contain bombshell claims about his life as a royal.

Commenting on the same on the Palace Confidential podcast, royal expert Richard Eden weighed in on what Harry might do to ‘bridge the gap’ between him and his family.

To this, Eden said: “There’s a lot Harry could do but I really do think he is keeping his family at a distance until his book is published. I really, really do.”

The expert went on to add: “I think that he is going to be saying some things which will be unpleasant and will go down badly with Prince Charles and Prince William and he almost, sort of, can’t face them.”

“I think that partly explains the awkward situation we had during the Jubilee and why they didn’t want to spend time with each other,” Eden continued.

Although Prince Harry himself announced the memoir, a publication date has not yet been announced.

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