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Dedication for NBA 2023 – ‘Stephen Curry Already Back to Work Towards Ring Number 5’

Stephen Curry was going absolutely crazy in the celebrations after the Warriors won the 2022 NBA title. He also won the coveted Finals MVP which he had not won before, and he did it in style as well. He won it unanimously. Steph was feeling himself in the winning parades and the after-parties. With his teammates, he enjoyed his time after a successful season as he deserved.

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But now that the celebrations are over, it was back to day one for the Warriors. In fact, it is day one for all the other players and teams, too. The preparations for the next season have started. The NBA stars have already started training for the next season. The franchises are working towards making their teams better. Meanwhile, Steph is at it and is working hard after the title-winning celebrations.

In association with Carl_Performance, Steph was back to the gym to sweat it out. Carl Bergstrom is the director of performance for Steph Curry. He was also in the Warriors team performance unit. Steph was dedicated to that lateral movement work. As Carl mentioned in the video, it was his maximal effort push.

NBA fans react to Stephen Curry grinding out a workout
Steph Curry impressed the fans with his work at the gym. Twitter was filled with comments of praise, warning and obviously subtle criticism towards Steph like it always is.

Steph saw that John Wall to the Clippers with PG and Kawhi and said “Alright let me stop tryna be Tiger Woods and head to the gym”😭😭😭😭😭

The season was obviously an extremely successful one for Stephen Curry. But two other players who must have been utterly disappointed in the last season would be LeBron James and Kevin Durant. LeBron averaged 30.3 points per game while KD averaged 29.9. This was one of the best averages of their careers. So easily, it was a good individual season for them. However, their teams were not up to the mark. The Lakers could not even qualify for the play-in tournament. On the other hand, the Nets made an early exit from the playoffs losing 4-0 against the Boston Celtics.

Both the Lakers and the Nets are working to make it better next season. While KD’s partner Kyrie Irving was linked with the Lakers and KD was himself hinted to go elsewhere, the situation has kind of diffused in a matter of 24 hours. It is reported that Kyrie has opted in the Nets deal, which means KD and Kyrie would still remain at the Nets for the next season. At least that is what the most recent reports suggest. Moreover, the Lakers have a new head coach and they are planning to build a team around LeBron who will play his 20th season in the NBA. Surely they will do everything they can to make it a special one.

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