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The Two Gladiators to Meet – Mayweather vs. McGregor rematch would generate billions in revenue

For several years, Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Connor McGregor have been icons in their respective disciplines and seeing them in action again generates enormous anticipation for contact sports fans.

The African-American ex-boxer has been retired from professional boxing for seven years, but he has remained relevant thanks to several exhibition bouts, one of them against McGregor himself.

From power to power
The remarkable thing about it is that no one has been able to beat him yet, because at 45 years old, he continues to be so elusive in the ring and hits so hard that he makes anyone who dares to challenge him look bad.

As for McGregor, he is difficult to beat in the octagon, but in boxing he is not as efficient a fighter.

To tell the truth, the competitive level of “The Notorious” is a question mark since he has not been able to reappear since his leg was broken.

Nevertheless, seeing the Irishman face Mayweather Jr. once again has more than one of his fans worried.

And the fact is that when the first fight between the two came up, on August 26, 2017, the T-Mobile Arena looked packed.

Although there were doubts about how a former boxing world champion would look against a Martial Arts idol, Floyd gave a master class and after 10 rounds he won.

McGregor paid dearly for the audacity of talking too much and went home with a broken face, but with a huge win that he would never have won in an octagon.

A slow-burning rematch
Five years down the road, financial and marketing experts estimate that a possible rematch between “The Notorius” and “Money” would generate $1.2 billion dollars, which sounds very nice for both fighters.

And to get the ball rolling on a possible showdown, FightHype posted the tweet from their sources regarding a Mayweather vs. McGregor rematch. Meanwhile, the Irishman uploaded a photo on Instagram, where he punches the American boxer. And, he adds a caption, “I accept.”

Now, who has not said a single word is the “Best pound-for-pound” of his time.

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