Golf World Reacts to Latest Tiger Woods Update

It has been more than a month since Tiger Woods withdrew from the 2022 PGA Championship due to health issues. Since then, he had not been able to play in a tournament. While this had been a terrible month for his fans, the golfer has taken adequate rest and is confirmed to make a comeback sooner!

Woods has been struggling with the injury he got from the accident, which happened, a year ago. It took him a year to play again, and he did it through the 2022 Masters Tournament.
He was fit enough to finish playing all four rounds at the Augusta National. However, Woods could not do the same at the Southern Hills and had to withdraw from the event after three rounds.

Moreover, the 15-time major champion had to withdraw from the U. S. Open before the tournament. “I previously informed the USGA that I will not be competing in the @usopengolf as my body needs more time to get stronger for major championship golf,” he informed the public through a tweet. “I do hope and plan to be ready to play in Ireland at @JPProAm,” his tweet further read. “And at @TheOpen next month. I’m excited to get back out there soon!”

Tiger Woods is confirmed to play at the J. P. McManus Pro-Am!
“Just confirmed with Tiger’s camp that he will indeed tee it up at the J.P. McManus Pro-Am on Monday and Tuesday.” Dan Rapaport of Golf Digest tweeted. “Then, the Open at St. Andrews,” he further added. “Quite the fortnight.”

Woods decided to withdraw from PGA Championship and U. S. Open because of his injury. Although, he informed his fans about his comeback plans. Even he was not sure whether his health would let him play or not; hence used “I hope” in the tweet. However, with the new update, it has been confirmed that Woods will tee up at the Pro-Am and then at the Open.

Fans’ reaction to the new update on Woods
Since it is the LIV Golf Invitational Series week, most news was related to the league. Therefore, fans felt that the news about Woods’ comeback was a relief. They also expressed their happiness to watch the golf legend play again.

On the contrary, many worried that Woods might get exhausted paying at the Pro-Am and would not be able to perform well; even worse may withdraw from the Open Championship.

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