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It’s High Time – Showtime president holds Floyd Mayweather responsible for not paying Logal Paul

While Logan Paul keeps his dispute against Floyd Mayweather over the PPV money sales from their fight, Showtime is officially drawing a line in the conversation. In an attempt to get the company away from this controversy, president Stephen Espinoza addressed the situation through the media. He wanted to make it clear that SHOWTIME has absolutely nothing to do with the money Mayweather owes Logan Paul and he even took time to explain it with detail.

This whole problem falls completely on Mayweather Promotions’ lap, with Showtime possibly risking future partnerships with them because Floyd doesn’t seems interested in paying Logan Paul any money. This could end very bad, very quickly for both sides. A law suit is underway and a possible trial might also happen if they don’t settle.

Stephen Espinoza wanted to set the record straight on Logan Paul’s dispute with Mayweather Promotions. This is what he explained on Friday, as he sided with Floyd but he also steered away from issues with Paul: “Our deal is with Mayweather promotions and Mayweather promotions dispenses the money. Obviously, we deal with one of the promoters and we don’t have separate deals for each one of them.

“I can only go by what Floyd says, yes there is some delay in PPV. There was a pretty significant chunk of money that is just going out now. Whether it’s that I would be surprised if that wasn’t it it’s just a misunderstanding of how long it takes the money to get out sometimes.”

Even though we know Logan Paul probably doesn’t need the money, this is a matter of principle for him. Taking this case to court is obviously a PR move because he hates looking like a push over in front of everybody. Logan Paul just signed a lucrative deal with the WWE, which was broadcasted by him through his social media accounts.

Paul has a long career ahead of him and a new adventure in one of the most important sports in American culture. But getting his money paid by Floyd Mayweather is also quite important to him because he is trying to send a message. How will this drama between Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather end?

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