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Turn Away – ‘What have we got into?’ Harry and Meghan fans ‘turn away’ from couple

AMERICAN fans of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are starting to "turn away" from the couple as their popularity stateside begins to plummet, a royal expert states.

In 2020, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced that they had made a decision to step down as senior working members of the Royal Family. Shortly after their exit, the couple moved stateside and, along with their son, settled into their new life in California. At first, their popularity seemed to be doing well in the states, with many Americans overjoyed that the Sussexes had chosen the US as their base. However, over the past year, the couple’s popularity in the UK and the US has plummeted. Speaking on TALKTV, journalist Daisy McAndrew discussed the Duke and Duchess’ drop in popularity.

Royal: Harry ‘unhappy’ despite Meghan attempts at perfect LA life
Ms McAndrew, who also reports on some US networks about the Royal Family, said: “It’s been interesting, their attitude, I mean, they were all mesmerised and horrified by the Oprah interview, as I think we all were.

“We all found it very uncomfortable reading, or very uncomfortable watching, viewing.”

She added: “Their popularity was really high [in the US].
“I think Americans were thrilled that they had chosen America as their home.”

The couple pictured in London earlier this month (Image: PA)
She added: “They still find the racism issue very uncomfortable, most Americans.

“[but] most Americans have turned away from Harry and Meghan.
“[and] thinking, you know, quite what have we got ourselves in for.”

Prior to the Jubilee celebrations, a Poll, conducted by YouGov, found that just one in three people (32 percent) viewed Harry in a positive way, compared to more than half (58 percent) of people who view him negatively.

Prince Harry and Meghan arrive at the Service of Thanksgiving
Meghan has also seen a drop in favourability, with only 23 percent of the public hold her in a positive light.

Earlier this month, the couple, along with their two children, made their first official return to the UK for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee since 2020.

The couple arrived in the UK on June 2 and made their way back to the US on June 5, before celebrations came to a conclusion.

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