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expensive Lifestyle of Tennis Players – Rafael Nadal’s supercars are valued higher than Djokovic’s, Federer’s, or Serena’s

Following an expert analysis, Rafael Nadal’s supercars are valued at a higher price than Novak Djokovic’s ones, as reported by Evening Standard. The analysis made by Anglo Scottish Asset Finance evaluated Nadal’s supercars at £836,000 ($1,011,977) and Djokovic’s ones at £830,000 ($1,004,714).

Roger Federer’s car collection is valued at £638000 ($772,298), which puts him in third place in the Big 3 car collections ranking. As reported by Evening Standard, Federer is followed by Serena Williams (£637,000), Andy Murray (£444,000), and Naomi Osaka (£250,000).

Nadal owns these cars, as reported by ES:

Aston Martin DBS
Ferrari 458 Italia
Mercedes AMG GTS, painted in the same yellow as a tennis ball
Kia Stinger GT
Djokovic owns these cars, as reported by ES:
Bentley GT Continental
Audi R8
Aston Martin DB9
Numerous electric cars, among which a Peugeot E-208 and a Tesla Model X.

About Roger Federer’s cars
The Swiss champion’s first Mercedes was none other than a yellow SLR.

A 456,000 euro super-exclusive and super-performance coupe. The tennis player’s most favored automobile, based on how frequently it appears at tournaments or on social media, is a variant of the highly sporty SLS. A 571 horsepower V8 is used to push it.

It is worth 180,000 euros. Mercedes’ most spectacular SUVs could not possibly be absent from the champion’s garage. Furthermore, its roomy and pleasant configuration is appropriate for the frequent distant journeys to which the Swiss are exposed.

They are valued a total of 25,000 euros. Another supercar that Federer kept in his garage after winning the Mercedes Cup in Stuttgart in 2018 is the Mercedes CLS 450 4Matic Coupé. The Mercedes E-Class four-cylinder with over 600 hp: Federer and his E-Class convertible are ultra-luxurious throughout the summer months.

The presence of the Range Rover Sport SVR, the English company’s gigantic SUV, a five-seater for the family yet capable of generating up to 567 horsepower, stands out in the Swiss tennis player’s fleet.

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