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Meghan Markle Image – Prince Harry stuck at home as Meghan Markle moves ‘in totally different avenue’

Prince Harry is reportedly being relegated to the role of a ‘house husband in Los Angeles’ as his wife Meghan Markle moves in a ‘totally different avenue’ with her political ambitions, as per a royal expert quoted by Express UK.

The comments were made by expert Neil Sean on his YouTube channel as reports about the Duchess of Sussex vying for a US Presidential run in 2024 continue to gain strength.

As per reports, Meghan had even called up US Senators Shelley Moore Capito and Susan Collins to discuss issues pertaining to parental leave and US climate policy.

Talking about Meghan’s interest into politics, Sean said: “As we’ve found out Meghan Markle says that she definitely will be going to Washington to support the causes that are close to her heart.”

“While she said previously that she doesn’t demand or require a political career, it seems more and more that Meghan shines in the spotlight moving forward in a totally different avenue,” he added.

Sean then commented: “Prince Harry, the real royal, seems to be stepping back and becoming something of a househusband.”

Another royal expert also sounded off on Meghan’s political ambitions, warning the Duchess that she faces ‘immense sacrifices’ if she is seriously considering a run for the US Presidential office in 2024.

The warning came from royal expert Daniela Elser who, writing for news.com.au, said that the Duchess of Sussex may not only have to give up her royal title but also many other things if she wants to be in the White House.

Elser explained: “Most obviously, they would have to wholly give up their Sussex titles. The mother-of-two could also wave goodbye to whatever privacy she and Harry have carved out for themselves in their adopted home town of Montecito.”

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