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Stefanos Tsitsipas warn to learn from mistake, react better in future

Novak Djokovic warned Stefanos Tsitsipas that he was lucky to escape his US Open fate as the Serb admitted there are players that know how to get under opponent’s skin. In the Wimbledon third round, Kyrgios clearly got into Tsitsipas’ head as he clinched a 6-7 (2) 6-4 6-3 7-6 (7) win.

After losing the second set, a frustrated Tsitsipas fired the ball into the crowd but luckily it didn’t hit anyone and the Greek avoided a default. As you probably remember well, Djokovic was defaulted from his 2020 US Open last-16 match after hitting a line judge with the ball.

“There are players whose attitude provokes you or irritate you,” Djokovic said, per Tennis Majors. “And there are opponents who don’t make you feel that way. This is an individual sport, we are all different, and it is relative what is good and what is not, because there are different perspectives on everything that has happened in their match.”

Djokovic: What happened to me almost happened to Tsitsipas
Djokovic admits he regrets his US Open incident and added he is hoping Tsitsipas learns from this Wimbledon incident and reacts better next time. “What happened to me at the US Open almost happened to Tsitsipas.

He was lucky because he did not hit anyone directly in the crowd although the ball hit the wall and then hit someone in the crowd because he hit the ball really hard,” Djokovic explained. “I had that situation in the past, and I know how frustrating it can get on the court.

On the other hand, I am ashamed and I always regret when I make a mistake like that and I apologise to the world because I know that that sort of behaviour is not appropriate. I hope that Tsitsipas himself realises it’s a mistake and that he was very lucky, risking to hurt someone and to be disqualified from the match”.

Tsitsipas was clearly frustrated with Kyrgios’ behavior and tennis pundits all agreed that the Greek fell right into the Australian’s trap by allowing him to get into his head

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