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Prince William, Kate Middleton saying ‘goodbye’ to Cambridge titles

Prince William and Kate Middleton are gearing up for new royal titles, functional the day after Prince Charles becomes King.

In the latest episode of Royally Us, hosts Christine Ross and Christina Garibaldi talked about the future of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in the upcoming years.

During her chat, Ms Garibaldi read out an observation by Daniel Wallace: “William and Kate’s visit to Cambridgeshire, kinda felt like a goodbye.

“Almost like their time, as you see it, as Duke and Duchess of Cambridge is coming to an end.
“[and] their time as Prince and Princess of Wales is about to begin,” another added.
She then asks her co-host Ms Ross if she “felt like that as well”.
Ms Ross replied: “You know, I hadn’t thought about this until I saw this comment.

“There’s so many things, like especially, during the Jubilee, there were moments that felt more like a goodbye, or like a passing of the torch, rather than sort of, celebratory”.

Ms Ross continued it is “a bit emotional” to think of “all of these things”.

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