Panatta: “Let’s hope Roger Federer doesn’t do like Serena…

Roger Federer wants at all costs to re-enter the ranks of the ATP Tour to treat himself to one last period as a professional tennis player. A goal that the Swiss champion has expressed in the various interviews granted in recent months, continuing to work in the gym to recover from physical ailments and return to top form.

The 40-year-old made his appearance again on the central court of Wimbledon in recent days, just to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the place: all the winners of the tournament (of the legends for the discipline) were invited and certainly could not miss the Re, who was greeted with a warm roar from the large audience in the stands.
“I hope to be able to return to central court another time. I miss being here. I have had the opportunity to play many games,” is the speech of the Basel native during the big event, delivered at the end of the ovation received by the fans.

The goal of participating in the 2023 edition of Wimbledon may not be so impossible, even as the end of one’s incredible career. Only time will dispel all the current doubts about the winner of 20 Slam titles, who will play in the Laver Cup in doubles with his Spanish friend Rafael Nadal in September, in a game that promises to be truly historic.

Panatta on Federer’s come back
Adriano Panatta recently expressed his opinion on Roger Federer’s return to the Tour, in an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport. Panatta explained: “Roger Federer is one of the reasons why I continued to love tennis.

I wish him happy, he has an extraordinary career behind him and a wonderful family next to him.” Former Italian player then commented about Roger, comparing his come back to Serena Williams’ return to Wimbledon 2022: “There is a time for everything: we have already given up with Serena Williams, I hope not to see a replica.” He said to the return of the American, who struggled a lot and then lost the debut match at Wimbledon.

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