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“In a world where there is constant hate thrown around”– Max Verstappen’s girlfriend Kelly Piquet points out hate messages she has been receiving

Max Verstappen’s girlfriend Kelly Piquet in her recent Instagram story talks about how people have been trolling her lately.

Max Verstappen and Kelly Piquet are some of the newest couples in the F1 world. But with the recent success by the Dutchman, there have been massive trolling of both.

Some of their photos have been posted online, with some F1 fans with differing viewpoints to Verstappen body-shamed them. With over constant two months of trolling, Piquet now took onto the internet to confront people.

“In a world, there is constant hate thrown around for no reason,” wrote Piquet on her Instagram story. “Which as anyone will know -is bound to take its toll.”

“There are now far too many vicious things circulating that are utterly unacceptable. I’d like to remind people that I am still a human being and have my rights.”

“Circulating rumours, photoshopping images, spreading hate, fabricating completely false stories and messaging friends and family will never be acceptable.”

“Please rethink before you write and engage in this. Everything has repercussions,” concluded Piquet.

Kelly Piquet receives support on Twitter
Soon after posting about the online abuse, Piquet received massive online support. Many F1 fans including Lewis Hamilton’s admirers granted their support to Piquet.

It has been generally conceded that amidst the rivalry of Hamilton and Verstappen, dragging Piquet is a new low. Introspection needs to be raised: where to draw the line?

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