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All About Stephen Curry’s wife Ayesha Curry was sued for $10 million for gutting and devaluing a company of its rightful earnings

Stephen Curry and his wife Ayesha Curry have successfully raised a family and several businesses, but once, Ayesha was sued for $10 million for gutting a company.

Curry is currently enjoying the spoils of the offseason. He’s a four-time NBA champ now, and he finally captured his first Finals MVP. Life couldn’t be better for Curry.

After two seasons of losing and staying out of the playoffs, the Warriors finally made it back to where they belonged. During Curry and Thompson’s heyday, they made the Finals five straight years.

In that fifth Final, Klay Thompson got injured, and that’s when everything went downhill. Thompson was out the entire next year, and Curry and Draymond were injured for various parts of the season. The Warriors finished with the worst record in the West.

The season after, Curry did everything he could to get the Warriors into the playoffs, but ultimately they missed the play-in. This year, he finally got his running mate back and they won the title again.

While the Curry family has a lot of success to their name, they were once faced with a pretty tough task. Ayesha Curry was sued for $10 million by Flutie Entertainment in 2020. Flutie is a celebrity branding company that once had a professional relationship with Curry’s wife.

The lawsuit was focused on how Ayesha Curry mistreated the company after terminating her relationship with them. The suit said that after things had ended she had “denied the company its share of proceeds from the businesses, deliberately slowed down new enterprises, took away a top employee and essentially gutted and devalued Flutie Entertainment’s interests.”

The suit also mentioned how in May 2019 Flutie had done major work with Homemade where Ayesha would offer home meal kits along with other kitchen and lifestyle products, and Yardie Girl. However, following the end of their relationship, the lawsuit claimed that Curry refused to move forward with the projects denying Flutie its share in them.

The lawsuit sought $10 million and wanted a ruling that confirmed Flutie’s stake in Homemade and Yardie Girl.

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