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Royal Feud – Meghan Markle ‘knew’ Prince Harry wanted to ‘head Royal Family’?

Prince Harry reportedly ‘wanted title of head’ in the Royal Family

Experts reveal Prince Harry reportedly wished to be the ‘head’ of the Royal Family.

This revelation has been made by royal comedian Diane Spencer, in her interview with GB News.

There, she pointed out Prince Harry’s dreams of being the ‘head’ of the Royal Family and was quoted saying, “When he was in the royal family, he was like: ‘I want to be the head guy, I want to be the thing, I want the thing.”

She even impersonated Meghan Markle and added, “And so Meghan was like: ‘Let’s just bust out of here, let’s just bust free.’ And they bust free and now he’s like: ‘I don’t know what to do now’.”

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