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Royals Relationships – Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Reportedly Worry Lilibet Will be “Written Out of Royal History”

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s daughter, Lilibet, met the royal family for the very first time a few weeks back—and by all accounts it went great! But apparently the Duke and Duchess do have some concerns about Lili not being able to spend more time with her great-grandmother, and being “written out of royal history” as a result.

Royal expert Neil Sean spoke to a source about the situation, and said (via The Express) that “according to that good source, it appears that both Harry and Meghan feel that their daughter is going to be re-written out of history. This is because if you think about it logically, when are they next going to return? When will the opportunity be there to have a formal portrait with our gracious monarch? And at 96 years old they have to look logically at that. So will their daughter Lili ever truly get to meet her great-grandmother again?”

It’s unclear when Meghan and Harry will be back in the U.K. with their kids, but during their trip for the Queen’s Jubilee they were said to be denied a picture of Lilibet and Her Majesty. The Sun reported at the time that the Sussexes wanted to bring a photographer to Lili’s first meeting with her namesake (which seems completely normal, expected, and understandable!), but were told no to the photo opp because of privacy concerns.

“Harry and Meghan wanted their photographer to capture the moment Lilibet met the Queen,” a source said at the time. “But they were told no chance. It was a private family meeting.”
The couple ended up releasing a solo photo of Lili on her birthday:

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While plans for the Sussexes’ next England trip are unknown, they just renewed the lease on their U.K. property, Frogmore Cottage.

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