Roland Garros employee reveals how Nadal treats staff

In recent days a video of Rafael Nadal has gone viral, but it’s not one of him playing tennis. The Spaniard had to pull out of Wimbledon with an injury and the clip reveals how he took the time to personally thank and bid farewell to every single member of staff at the club.
It turns out, in fact, that this behaviour is par for the course for Nadal, as confirmed by an employee at the French Open.

Arthur Delaye, who has worked at Roland Garros since 2018, took to social media to announce that the video showing Nadal greeting staff at Wimbledon is exactly how he always is: a class act on and off the court.
“As worker in Roland Garros since 2018 I can say that Rafa is always so kind with the staff and he takes time to greet every single person at the end of the tournament,” tweeted Delaye.
“I love Rafa Nadal because he is a great fighter and court and the definition of humility off court.”

Injury ended Nadal’s Wimbledon
An injury to his abdomen in the quarter-final prevented Nadal from playing his scheduled semi-final against eventual runner-up Nick Kyrgios.

Novak Djokovic’s win put him just one Grand Slam behind Nadal on the all-time list. Nadal still has more than any other male player in history, with his recent French Open triumph taking him to 22.

A target for thieves
Away from the game, it was reported on ‘Caso Abierto’ by ‘Prensa Iberica’ that a chalet owned by Nadal in Mallorca was on a list of targets for a group of organised criminals.

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