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Dreaming of this Fight Already – Canelo Alvarez and Floyd Mayweather: The two fights Ryan Garcia can’t get out of his head

yan Garcia is about to step into the ring to retain his title against Javier Fortuna this Saturday at the home of the Los Angeles Lakers, but before that happens, the Mexican-American has said he has his sights set on facing Canelo Alvarez, and also retired millionaire and eccentric, Floyd Mayweather.

“They need the Avengers to stop me, they need the Avengers to stop me from talking. It could be Floyd, it could be Canelo, add all the GOATs, they need them all. They can’t stop me,” Ryan Garcia said in an interview with FightHyp in a very controversial statement.

Ryan Garcia and Canelo Alvarez trained together, alongside Eddy Reynoso, and they were all a happy family as part of the Canelo Team, but King Ryan complained about not getting the attention he needed, so in early 2022 he left the team to pursue his own flights, something that didn’t go down too well with Saul, who has criticized his former teammate several times.

In case Ryan and Canelo face each other, it should be in an intermediate category, since Garcia is a lightweight, while Alvarez is up to 175 pounds, so it looks very far away that a duel between the two will happen.

Likewise, Ryan Garcia made a live on his Instagram account where he referred to the fighters he would like to face, where he immediately highlighted that one of them would be Canelo Alvarez. “My dream opponent, if I had to choose, I would say Canelo, Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. Those would be the people I would want,” he indicated.

Teachings from his new trainer
“We’re focusing on little details and techniques, and defensive skills that maybe I didn’t care about before because I was so fast,” he explained in dialogue with BoxingScene. “I just didn’t care if I had my hand up or not. They were just going to get knocked out. But I wanted to be honest with myself and understand that there might be another fast guy out there who could counter me with a shot. I’ve got to be careful with a knockback. I think that’s the main thing I’ve been focusing on.”

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