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Tennis Star Venus Williams, reveals she is a virgin at 41

The former number-one-ranked women tennis player, Venus William, has shocked the Internet space after revealing she was still a virgin at 41. She disclosed this in an interview a few days to her 41 birthday

An inside source has disclosed that “It is funny because Venus decided as a child that she would wait until she finds her husband before having sex,” the source said, “Serena did not go that route.”

It is believed that Venus Williams is sticking to her strong Jehovah witness upbringing, as Jehovah witnesses are known to believe in Sex after marriage.

The source confirmed that Venus is currently dating a man and the family hopes that she will finally settle down and raise a family.

She has earlier dated golfer Hank Kuehne, Cuban model Elio Pis, and publishing heir Nicholas Hammond for two years until 2019.

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