‘Novak Djokovic isn’t asking for special treatment’, says top journalist

Novak Djokovic has indicated that he plans to play for at least a couple more years, as he has stressed that he is “in no rush” to end his career. Djokovic, 35, remains a powerful force in the men’s game, as this past Sunday he defeated Nick Kyrgios to lift his seventh Wimbledon title.

Djokovic holds the record for weeks at No. 1 and now also has 21 Grand Slams in his collection. Djokovic is limited by his stance on the vaccine, but he still hopes to overtake Rafael Nadal in the Grand Slam race and finish with the most of them.

“I don’t feel like I’m in a rush to finish my career in a year or two,” Djokovic said, according to Tennishead. “I think about it. I want to keep my body healthy because that is necessary to continue at this level.”
Djokovic was unable to compete at the Australian Open after his visa was revoked and he was expelled from the country. The Australia visa saga and the fallout from it left Djokovic in a tough spot and it took time for him to heal and start enjoying himself on court again.

Djokovic didn’t look like himself in his first few tournaments of the season, but now he is looking a lot like the player who has dominated the game for the last decade and a half. “This year has not been the same as the previous ones,” Djokovic said.

“It started like it did and it affected me a lot. The first months of the year were very hard for me. I didn’t feel good. My mental and emotional part was not in a good place. I wanted to play, but at the same time, when I jumped into the court in Dubai, I felt a lot of pressure and I didn’t feel good on the court.
At that moment I realized that this was going to be tough, but sooner or later my best tennis would come back.”

Latest update on Nole Djokovic
Speaking on the Piers Morgan Uncensored show, political journalist Julia Hartley-Brewer defended the 35-year-old’s stance on vaccinations.

“You should be able to make a choice. Bodily autonomy is the most fundamental human right. Novak Djokovic isn’t asking for special treatment. He’s not asking for special treatment, he’s simply said ‘I’m not vaccinated, I’m not showing my vaccine status and therefore I can’t play in the US open it.’ I think it’s incredible that he’s standing by his principles.

He’s a young healthy man,” she said. “The whole point is [that] it is a stupid rule. Your vaccine protects you, and anyone who is taking a vaccine it protects them. We know with Omicron, [the vaccine] doesn’t actually provide much protection at all from infection. It does protect you from getting seriously ill and from dying,” she added.

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