Rafael Nadal’s home targeted by criminal gang, police reacts

A recently arrested criminal gang targeted Rafael Nadal’s Mallorca mansion, where he lives with his wife Maria Francisca Perello, according to a notebook found by police at a suspect’s home and leaked to newspaper Diario de Ibizia.

The note regarding Nadal said: “PortoCristo. Nadal Mallorca,” as reported by The Mirror. Along with Nadal, Lionel Messi’s mansion was also a future target. Fortunately, the police arrested the 7 suspects that also stole 2.5 million pounds from Marco Verratti’s rented summer home.

What’s more, the police linked the gang to another 15 burglaries, per The Mirror. The Spanish Police reacted after the arrests: “Officers have smashed an itinerant criminal organisation specialising in breaking into luxury villas following a robbery at the house of a well-known footballer.

Seven people belonging to a criminal gang of Albanian origin which had allegedly just stolen £2.5m in designer watches and jewellery, have been arrested. The belongings stolen during the raid on the footballer’s villa were recovered in the car two of the suspected members of the gang were using after they were arrested.

Three searches were subsequently carried out in Malaga and one in Ibiza and evidence found linking the gang to another 15 raids on luxury villas in the provinces of Alicante, Malaga and Murcia”. Note that the statement above was released before the evidence showing Messi and Nadal as targets were reported.

About Rafael Nadal’s Mallorca mansion
The managing director of the real estate company Balearic Properties, Iris Gruenewald, described Rafael Nadal’s property. “It is a house of just over 1,000 square metres that he bought 2013 for 4 million euros located in Porto Cristo (Manacor).

The various buildings of the property are set on about 7,000 sqms of land; it is situated on the seafront. Nadal spent seven years reforming the property completely, in the course of this renovation some parts of the buildings were pulled down,” according to real estate company Balearic Properties.

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