It’s Painful: Rafael Nadal still struggles a lot with his injuries, says…

After three years, the ATP returns to the city of Montreal to play the first of the two Masters 1000 in preparation for the US Open, the last Grand Slam of the season that ends the most prestigious events of the year for the majority of the best tennis players in the world (for the top eight of the “Race” there will also be the Nitto ATP Finals in November).

The Rogers Cup, as is tradition, alternates each year the venue of the tournament with Toronto, where the women’s WTA 1000 will be played. Daniil Medvedev, the defending champion, will be the number one seed in the draw.
In the entry list there is no lack of surprises at the moment: the Spanish champion Rafael Nadal is present, while more certain news about Novak Djokovic is expected (he needs a change of rules from the US government, which must allow the entry of unvaccinated foreigners) and Alexander Zverev (with ankle injury problems), who, however, are at the start of the tournament at the moment.

Rafael Nadal, the 22 times Grand Slam champion, is one of the kindest people in this gentleman’s game. Apart from his excellence in tennis, he receives love for his down-to-earth behavior.

Mouratoglou on Rafa Nadal
Patrick Mouratoglou delved deep into the GOAT discourse.
“Rafael Nadal is playing some of the best tennis of his life, recently beating Novak in the quarters of the French Open, but he still struggles a lot with his injuries,” he said. Djokovic, who is in good form, may miss the upcoming US Open and next year’s Australian Open on account of his vaccination status, while Rafael Nadal is also at his best but struggling with injuries.

“Novak is the youngest of the three and is in great physical condition. So he has a chance of playing at the highest level for a few more years, however, he might be unable to compete at the next two Slams – at the US Open and the Australian Open – means his next shot at a title may be in Rafa’s house at the French Open next year.”
During the 2015 Wimbledon Championships, Nadal’s coach was his uncle, Toni Nadal. According to many reports, many caught Uncle Toni giving instructions to Nadal during matches. Speaking about this controversy, Nadal said, “It’s an old regulation.

It was logical many years ago because some players had coaches, and others didn’t, so this was protection for those who didn’t have coaches, But now everybody has a coach so today I don’t see any player in this circuit who doesn’t have a coach so it’s rather absurd that everyone pays for a coach to help him and then when you need him the most you can’t talk to him”.

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