‘Rafael Nadal didn’t play well the whole tournament’, says expert

The Wimbledon tournament has left open several speeches of the ranking of the ATP and the WTA. The exclusion of Russians and Belarusians, the non-assignment of points in the 2022 edition and the decision that athletes lose the accumulated loot in 2021 has favored some tennis players to the detriment of others.

A situation that has been much discussed throughout the circuit in recent weeks, with the most penalized players showing their disappointment at the choice made. Among them was last year’s finalist, Matteo Berrettini, who pointed out on several occasions how he was not taken into account and was not even asked for an opinion on the case.

Due to the positivity of Covid-19, the Italian would have lost the 1,200 points in any circumstance and will now have to move up the rankings to get closer to the top ten. The analysis At the end of the London Slam, the updated world rankings were published and it is easy to make a comparison with the ranking that would have been with the Wimbledon points.

The one who has been heavily penalized by the decision is, of course, the reconfirmed winner Novak Djokovic, who has lost three important positions despite his victory (and risks falling further). Rafael Nadal, for his part, would have taken second place over the German Zverev with victory in the semifinals.
Top ten in both cases for Jannik Sinner, who amazed everyone with his performance on the London grass.

Pilic on the Big 3
In a recent interview with SportKlub, former player and coach Nikola Pilic of Croatia weighed in on Djokovic’s successful run in London, terming him better than Rafael Nadal and Federer.

“A very important tournament for Novak, more important than any before. He had a lot of problems this season. He found out that he can’t play at the US Open now that he doesn’t have the coronavirus, and last year when it was relevant, he could play.

Nadal didn’t play well the whole tournament. He struggled with form, I don’t think he could beat Djokovic in the final. I’m pretty sure of that,” Pilic said. “Novak is better than Nadal and Federer by all parameters.

He was the number one player in the world for 374 weeks, which is impressive. Also, no one except him has won all the Grand Slam titles twice, and Novak has a positive head-to-head with almost all players. But of course, hats off to Nadal too. For hundreds of years, no one will win 14 titles at Roland Garros like him,” Pilic added.

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