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Reasons For David Hasselhoff had heat with Hulk Hogan on the set of Baywatch

On the latest episode of “Taskmaster Talks,” Kevin Sullivan reviews SuperBrawl V and gives some insight on the business at that time. He also revealed that there was heat between Hulk Hogan and David Hasselhoff on the set of Baywatch.

Here are some highlights:
Sullivan talked about wrestling with his “brother”, Dave Sullivan:

“He was a very nice guy. I heard from him when I had my gym, at the time he was the assistant coach at the football team of the University of Nebraska where he was an alumni. One of the nicest human beings I ever met in my life. He was so nice that it was a detriment for him being in the business. He didn’t want to make any waves. He was a super nice guy and he did a great job playing that role.”

“I’ve known Brutus forever. I knew Brutus when he first started when he was Dizzy Hogan. He was Hulk’s main guy. Politically, it put me in a great spot. I’ve known Hogan forever too. I knew Hogan before he was in the business when he used to play guitar at the Rocket Lounge. It put me in a good position and it also gave Butcher some credibility because he was The Butcher, he was Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, The Boogeyman, The Zodiac, and he had a host of other personas. That name, The Butcher, cost us $350,000 because Abdullah The Butcher sued over that name.”

Sullivan talked about WCW wrestlers appearing on an episode of Baywatch and believes David Hasselhoff had heat with Hogan:

“The people on Baywatch were super. They were very nice. The only thing is I think there was some animosity between Hasselhoff and Hogan. Hasselhoff was not in that episode if you recall and he didn’t even come around to see Hulk. I think he was jealous of Hulk. Pamela (Anderson) was wonderful to everybody. She came out and talked to everybody. She was great. All the production people were great. It was a great time. I really enjoyed it.”

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