Roger Federer’s comments after winning Wimbledon in years back speak volumes about icon

On this day, five years ago, Roger Federer sent down an ace against Marin Cilic to win a record eighth Wimbledon crown. It was a sensational moment for the Swiss star, who also secured a 20th Grand Slam in the process. And his comments after the victory in London showed what a class act he is – as well as highlighting his elite mindset.
In 2017, Federer was struggling to keep pace with the likes of Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic.
But, after defying the odds to win the Australian Open title, he then claimed Wimbledon without dropping a single set along the way.

Federer tapped into some of the magic of old during the course of the tournament and Cilic, in the final, was blitzed while being unable to conjure a response.
The Swiss then highlighted his elite mindset in the aftermath, insisting he battled his way to another major through sheer belief.

“It means the world to me to hold this trophy, particularly when I haven’t dropped a set,” he told the BBC immediately after the match.

“It’s magical, I can’t believe it yet.
“It’s too much, really. It’s disbelief that I can achieve such heights.
“I wasn’t sure if I’d be in a final again after last year, especially some tough losses to Novak [Djokovic] in 2014 and 2015.

“But I kept believing and if you believe you can go a long way in your life. Here I am with an eighth title, it’s fantastic.”
Federer then showed he was humble, too, insisting that he’d never dreamed of winning eight titles while reflecting on is childhood.

“I hoped to have a chance maybe one day to be in a Wimbledon final and have a chance to win the tournament,” he said.

“Winning eight is not something you can ever aim for, in my opinion.
“If you do, I don’t know, you must have so much talent and parents and the coaches that push you from the age of 3 on, who think you’re like a project.
“I was not that kid. I was just really a normal guy growing up in Basel, hoping to make a career on the tennis tour.

“I dreamed, I believed, and really hoped that I could actually, maybe really do it… So I put in a lot of work, and it paid off.”

Another side of Federer that has always shone through is his modesty and respectful nature as well.
The Swiss star has always behaved with the utmost grace, winning the support of millions across the world as a result.
And he was full of praise for beaten finalist Cilic, saying: “It’s cruel sometimes but Marin fought well and he’s a hero.

“He should be really proud. I hope we can play some better ones down the road.
“It’s a dream to play here. It’s not my last match here.
“I hope to come back next year and defend the title.”
Cilic, meanwhile, showed class himself by paying tribute to Federer and his exploits in the game.
“I think his ability and his desire to continue to improve is definitely one of the best in the game,” he said.
“Even at age that he is at now, he’s still improving, still challenging himself to get better and better.

“All credit to him and his team that they find ways to get him better and to another level.
“Not talking about today’s final, he had an unbelievable journey until the final, also winning Halle and getting to the finals without dropping a set, and today also played a great match.

“All positive things. Really a great gentleman, extremely one of the biggest ambassadors of tennis.”
He added: “I didn’t have actually time on the court also to congratulate Roger.
“Don’t want to put down his victory in any way. I mean, he deserved it completely. These things are part of the sport.
“Really congratulations to him and his team for everything he did, for another title here.”

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