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Roland Garros Staff Gives Inside Information on How Rafael Nadal Interacts With the Employees Every Year

Rafael Nadal, the 22 times Grand Slam champion, is one of the kindest people in this gentleman’s game. Apart from his excellence in tennis, he receives love for his down-to-earth behavior.

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Recently, to every tennis fan’s misery, Nadal had to walk out of the 2022 Wimbledon Championships owing to an injury. However, even though he was forced out of the tournament, Nadal didn’t lose his natural self. He left the event following the same customs he has built over the years.

How Rafael Nadal treats the staff
The Spaniard, after announcing his withdrawal from the semifinals of the Grand Slam, bid a proper farewell to the staff. A clip of the same spread like fire all over social media, garnering tremendous love for Nadal. However, this isn’t something new for the staff as the 14 time French Open champion has always been respectful and grateful according to a Roland Garros staff, Arthur Delaye. “As worker in Roland Garros since 2018, I can say that Rafa is always so kind with the staff. And he takes time to greet every single person at the end of the tournament.” Delaye wrote.

Tennis – French Open – Roland Garros, Paris, France – June 5, 2022 Spain’s Rafael Nadal celebrates with the ball kids after winning the men’s singles final against Norway’s Casper Ruud REUTERS/Benoit Tessierost caring te
“I love Rafa Nadal because he is a great fighter on the court and the definition of humility off court.” He added. The two times Wimbledon Champion suffered a gruesome abdominal injury while competing against the Indian Wells reigning champion Taylor Fritz.

Further, Nadal was supposed to lock horns with the Australian tennis ace and former World No.13 Nick Kyrgios for a spot in the finals. This would have been their 10th encounter and a tie breaker for grass based battles.

What are Nadal’s issues?
Like every other player, the 36-year-old incurs many match injuries. However, unlike most tennis professionals, he has been dealing with a persistent foot injury almost since the start of his career. Nadal suffers from a rare degenerative disorder which affects the mid-foot region.

He suffers from Mueller–Weiss syndrome, which causes deformity in the bones of the mid-foot region. Thus leading to unbearable pain in the mid-foot and hind foot region. Although the former World no.1, before jumping in the grass majors, underwent a medical procedure that has considerably helped him, the problem still can resurface.

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