Washington Post: “Novak Djokovic didn’t deserve Wimbledon prize money”

Novak Djokovic won Wimbledon 2022 by beating Nick Kyrgios in 4 sets in the final. After an extraordinary year, Nole started the season with a handicap, which is no small handicap. The decision not to get vaccinated cost him participation in the Australian Open and the Serbian champion has received numerous criticisms for this story.

The return to the court was very tiring and Nole went through very complicated months. The beating at the Roland Garros against long-time rival Rafael Nadal complicated things further and paradoxically, despite being defending champion, not everyone saw Djokovic as the favorite of the tournament.

Nole, however, managed to react to any moment of difficulty, both in the quarterfinals against our Jannik Sinner and also in the final where he made a comeback to a rather difficult opponent, even if the previous two were far in favor of Kyrgios, like Nick Kyrgios.

Novak Djokovic and the criticisms on social media
After the victory came praise and criticism for the Balkan champion. On the one hand, many praised his extraordinary numbers, but on the other, several social media characters criticized the Novak man and remembered his role as No Vax.

In particular, the American journalist of the Washington Post Benjamin Butterworth: “Novak Djokovic does not deserve a penny of the Wimbledon prize pool. He was selfish in not getting vaccinated and if we all followed his example there would be no tennis tournaments.

He showed no respect towards his fellow tennis players and tennis fans. Djokovic should donate the entire prize pool to charity for people in need and for the families of Covid victims. This could be just one of the many ways to make amends.”

This is just one of the various social thrusts on the Serbian tennis player and on this year’s decisions. Meanwhile Nole now awaits news about the US Open and the choice regarding his possible participation in the tournament.

Given the physical problems of his rival Rafa Nadal, the Serbian champion would have a great chance to even the score and reach 22 Grand Slam title, thus reaching the Spaniard. Djokovic could not play the US Open 2022 due to the covid-19 and vaccine rules; in the coming weeks there will come news about the issue.

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