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Tyson Fury roars ‘I will return’ for Oleksandr Usyk fight, but only when fans are begging him to put things right…..

Tyson Fury has told talkSPORT that he will come out of retirement and fight Oleksandr Usyk, if he beats Anthony Joshua again.

The WBC heavyweight champion is adamant that he has quit the sport following his win over Dillian Whyte in April, but is now saying he may return in the near future.

Fury is the WBC heavyweight world champion
Usyk dethroned AJ last year and the pair are set to rematch on August 20.

Fury has offered his services to train Joshua for the fight, but the challenger declined.

In response, Fury told Gareth A Davies on talkSPORT Fight Night: “I’d train him to beat Usyk very easy, but he doesn’t want my help because I would definitely train him to win and he obviously don’t wanna win.

“I wouldn’t tell you [the game plan] because that’s giving the secrets away.
“But probably you’ll see what I’ll do.

“Because when this little middleweight batters the bodybuilder again, he’s gonna lose again, then they’re gonna call for Achilles to come out.

Usyk and Joshua meet again on August 20
“They will call and groan for Achilles to come back.

“And I’m gonna say, ‘Get f***ed, I’m retired, I don’t wanna fight.’
“And then, when they’re begging me to come out of retirement, I will return, but it’s gonna be very costly, like I said.
“And I’ll show you how to deal with a middleweight.”
Fury also teased that he could come back and face Joshua if he wins, but only under very unlikely financial circumstances.

Fury says he will only fight AJ if neither of them make any money from the bout
“Anthony Joshua’s a s***house and I’ll knock him out,” Fury added.

“If he beats Usyk, he’s gotta fight me for free in England, for the fans.
“Not for hundreds of millions abroad in a foreign country, here, in the UK.
“Free-to-air TV, free tickets, sell out Wembley.
“It’ll be watched by 30million people for free.
“No PPV. No money earned. We do this one for the fans of the UK.
“Let’s see who’s the real man of the people.

“I know I am, that’s why I’m willing to do it for free in the UK, but he will not wanna do that, he’ll wanna travel abroad because he’s a businessman.
“And I don’t give a f*** about business.”

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