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Did you spot it? – Meghan Markle’s subtle physical transformation since moving to the US

Meghan Markle accompanied her husband Prince Harry on a trip to New York this week, and while she looked as chic as ever, we couldn’t help but notice something different about the Duchess.

Any Meghan fans will know the former Suits actress always has impeccably groomed brows, described by brow specialist Sian Dellar as “a very classic arch, not slim but not overly thick, and well groomed.” So it came as a surprise when the Duchess of Sussex stepped out with much thicker, fuller eyebrows this week.

“Meghan’s new brow style is very different from her previous look,” says Sian, who is founder of the Sian Dellar Permanent Makeup Clinic. “They are much straighter in shape now, less of an arch and the tail of her brows is elongated towards her temples, which is much longer than before.

“With her new eyebrow look, she’s very much giving off Audrey Hepburn vibes – big, thick straight and archless! They frame and suit her face well,” Sian continues.

Brow trends come and go, but Meghan’s new choice is fairly timeless – plus, the bigger brow look can make the wearer look younger.

“Bigger brows are certainly more youthful as thinner, sparser brows are associated with ageing,” says Sian. “Thicker brows can have a slimming effect on the face and jawline and the tapered tail can really open up the eyes.”

You can achieve Meghan’s eyebrow look with microblading or brow lamination, or indeed a combination of the two, according to Sian.

“I think Meghan has probably had the latter and also grown her brows out. The longevity of these treatments is slightly different, with microblading lasting up to a year and brow lamination around six weeks.”

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