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He Has Several goals to……. ‘Banning Novak Djokovic would be…’, says expert

Physiotherapist Ulises Badio recalled his story that landed him on the ATP Tour and spoke of friendship and what it means to be part of Novak Djokovic’s team, which he joined in 2017. Really interesting words and there were some details and anecdotes about what it means to work with the 35-year-old champion.

He explained: “I started working for the ATP between 2011 and 2012, so we would see each other from time to time. As a physiotherapist I have always had several goals since I was little and my dream was always to start working with number one.

Several years have passed and finally in 2017 Novak asked me if he wanted to join his team to start treating him. He invited me to go to Roland Garros with him and since then always together” Despite his great friendship with him, Badio always puts his professional relationship with Nole first: “The responsibility that exists on a tennis player like Djokovic is 200%.

When you treat an athlete like that, at such a high level, you can always come close to hurting him. For me it was very important to have a lot of experience in my field of work and, in this case, to be a little more open to a more alternative philosophy.

We work with him 24 hours a day. It is not enough to spend four hours with him, during his training, and see him before the game. I follow him at all times, even when he is sitting to see how he is, or how much water he has drunk, or if someone has been talking to him on the phone for a long time: any little detail can influence him during the match.”

Djokovic is resting
The latest to voice their views is Former American Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell, who asked the government to “let one of the best players in the world play at the US Open.”

Let Novak Djokovic play in the @usopen! The U.S. Open cheapens itself when it bans one of the best players in the world,” Grenell tweeted. Reiterating Grenell’s point of view, Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson stated that vaccines do not prevent infection and transmission, and that banning the Serb was a bad idea.

“@RichardGrenell is 100% correct on this. Has anyone noticed the vaccines are NOT preventing infection and transmission? The mandates are idiotic, pointless, and destructive. How many jabs did Fauci get? Banning Djokovic would be equally stupid,” Johnson said.

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