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John McEnroe identifies difference between Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic

John McEnroe says Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic have totally opposite approaches but it doesn’t mean that one has the right approach and that the other has the wrong approach. Djokovic, 35, has made it clear several times that his goal is to finish with the all-time Grand Slam record and with the historic No.

1 ranking. On the other side, Nadal suggested several times that it doesn’t really matter who finishes with the all-time Grand Slam record. Also, Nadal said in the past his happiness doesn’t depend on the all-time Grand Slam record and that he won’t lose any sleep if he doesn’t end up with the most Grand Slam titles.

Nadal is currently a record 22-time Grand Slam champion, while Djokovic has 21 Grand Slams.

McEnroe on the difference between Nadal, Djokovic
“Well, they are totally opposite approaches,” McEnroe told the BBC, per Eurosport.

“Djokovic talks openly about wanting to have the most [Grand Slam singles titles] and Nadal acts like nothing matters except going out and giving an effort every point and every match. It seems to have worked pretty well for both of them if you go by the history and how many Grand Slams they have won, so whatever makes you happy and whatever brings out the best in you is probably what you should do.

Sometimes I suppose it could get tiring to opponents to hear Rafa say ‘I didn’t feel my foot, I couldn’t even feel it!’. You looked pretty good to me at the French and now all of a sudden he did some other procedure that I don’t even know what it’s called.

Whatever it was and whatever it is, he seems to feel pretty good and doesn’t have any pain and it’s unbelievable, and also I am glad they are on different sides”. Nadal is expected to battle for his 23rd Grand Slam at the US Open, while Djokovic is likely to miss out on the final Grand Slam of the season because of his vaccination status.

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