‘So Nice of You’: Golf World Celebrates Latest Tiger Woods Post

The philanthropy work of Tiger Woods is truly grateful. The golfer has given back to society various times through his TGR Foundation. Recently, Woods was appreciated by the fans on Twitter after he shared how inspired he was after watching the US Adaptive Open.

The USGA is all set for the inaugural US Adaptive Open which is conducted for people who are specially abled. The first day of the event enlightened many golf fans, including the 15-time Major Champion.
Woods took to Twitter to share how the event was inspiring him and everyone else. Moreover, the fans couldn’t contain their respect for Woods whose tweet attracted more viewers for the event.

Tiger Woods praised by the fans
Woods recently took part in the 150th Open Championship. Though he failed to make the cut, Woods’ presence still made an impact at the event. Following the Major, Woods watched the inaugural US Adaptive Open and tweeted his feelings regarding the tournament.

An inspired Tiger Woods tweeted, “We all should be inspired watching the #USAdaptiveOpen.” He further wished all the competitors at the inaugural event good luck and to never give up in their life. The legendary golfer himself has overcome several injuries and setbacks throughout his career.
Woods’ tweet received instant positive messages from the fans. One fan wrote, “That’s so nice of you Tiger,” while others followed with their respect for the 46-year-old and the golfers participating in the event.

That’s so nice of you Tiger ♥️
— MargoFromBuffalo (@MargoLCroix) July 19, 2022

Tiger, keep up the powerful and positive spirit you lend to us. You truly inspire us all to achieve the greatness that is within us.
Bless you brother.

— Ron R. Chevalier (@RonRChevalier) July 19, 2022
Tiger always gets it right! Stay healthy Tiger..Get well and don’t come back too soon! You have plenty of Tournament Win golf left for you to play!! And we need you!Your Forever Fan!🏌️‍♂️😍

— Mary Goldwater (@Goldwater10Mary) July 20, 2022
You are not only a great golfer, but you are now a great human being. Your appearances on the golf course were the moments of phenomenon. Now you will be remembered as the one who love peace and charity.

— SUHAILAN (@SUHAILAN18) July 20, 2022
Thank you Tiger. Jeremy Bittner is my nephew and I was a Disabled US Ski Team member. We the disabled Bittners admire your perseverance through your physical struggles. Keep the pressure on!

— ColoradoTAB (@ToddBittner2) July 19, 2022
Thanks @TigerWoods for recognizing! Historical moment for adaptive golfers #itswheellife

— gena fryar (@genafryar) July 19, 2022
Well said Tiger. I’ll never forget after you won the 2019 Masters, You said in the press conference that you never give up, and that that’s not even in the equation. Words to live by💪

— mike j (@bobbytrunole) July 19, 2022
I can hardly believe the determination and skill of these men and women adaptive golfers – congratulations – & thank you to all of the posters for spreading videos of their accomplishments! #USAdaptiveOpen @GolfweekNichols

— Kenneth Walsh (@kenwalsh77) July 19, 2022
What a great experience to watch these athletes compete. Great job done by USGA.

— Eric Hatch (@EricHat08891861) July 20, 2022
yes; so true! Can do attitude gets you more than half way. Tiger, we are so inspired by your hard work. Regards
— jayshree Kulkarni (@jran31) July 20, 2022

What is the inaugural US Adaptive Open all about?
The US Adaptive Open held by the United States Golf Association is the largest Open ever by almost all metrics. There are 96 players on the field, including men and women, ranging in ages from 16 to 80.
Players can compete from one of four sets of tees, are free to use a motorised cart or walk to go around the course, and have stroke indices that range from the low-20s to much better than scratch. All of this is without mentioning the field, which is unquestionably the most distinctive in golf history.

All players on the field are specially abled in their unique way and a very personal backstory. Moreover, the lowest-scoring player on both the men’s and women’s sides will receive one of two trophies at the conclusion of 54 holes of play.
With the tournament currently taking place at the Pinehurst Resort in North Carolina, will you be watching the event closely just like Tiger Woods?

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