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Horner gives opinion – Can Verstappen break Hamilton’s records?

Christian Horner is very happy to have Max Verstappen on his team. According to the Red Bull Racing team boss, the Dutchman is already one of the greatest drivers in the sport. Whether the only 24-year-old Dutchman is capable of breaking Lewis Hamilton ‘s impressive records in Formula 1, however, is difficult to say.

““You can always tell with the great sportsmen, they deliver when they are under the most pressure. I think that Max has never shied away from delivering under pressure,” Horner said. “Some of the pressure he was under last year and the performances he was able to deliver … Incredible,” Horner said in an interview with The Associated Press.

The greatest pressure is off Verstappen, because winning that world title was always the big goal. The Dutchman has often said he will not slow down now. In fact, his hunger has only increased and Red Bull has noticed that too this season. Verstappen is as eager as can be and ‘driving better than ever’ in 2022.

Records in F1
Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton both hold seven world titles in Formula 1, but the latter holds the records for poles and wins. In his career Hamilton has managed both 103 pole positions and 103 Grand Prix victories. Verstappen is on sixteen pole positions and 26 wins on Sunday.

Horner: “What Lewis has achieved is incredible and it’s difficult to envisage those records being broke. So much depends on the equipment that you have. Who knows what the future holds? What Max has achieved so far in his career is hugely impressive and I’m sure he’s going to build on that,” said the 48-year-old Great Britain team team principal.

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