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Meet Current Girlfriend – Who is undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather’s girlfriend?

Floyd Mayweather is currently dating Anna Monroe, the head exotic dancer at his Las Vegas club, Girl Collection. Monroe was born on August 17, 1992, and works as an influencer, exotic dancer, model, and entrepreneur in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Sun first revealed their relationship late last year when they had already been dating for months. Although Floyd Mayweather was initially angry about the revelation, he decided to go public with the relationship on New Year’s Day.

Floyd also proposed to 29-year-old Monroe, and the two are currently engaged. Speaking about the incident, a source close to Floyd Mayweather told The Sun:

“Floyd was annoyed at first that news of their relationship broke because he wanted to keep it private. They had an argument about it but soon made up. And then he decided to pop the question on Saturday. Anna has told family and friends she’s getting married and wants to have a baby with Floyd this year. She hasn’t announced it on social media but everyone could see the huge rock on her hand on her latest Instagram snaps.”

How did Floyd Mayweather meet his girlfriend?
Floyd Mayweather came across Anna Monroe when she was applying for a job at his club Girl Collection. Although Monroe was rejected, she received a call the next day asking her to go back and, to add to her surprise, found Floyd Mayweather waiting with a candle-lit dinner.

“Monroe was born in America but her parents moved to England for work when she was younger. She then moved back to America when she was 22. She went for an interview for the job at Girl Collection but was declined. However, as she was leaving, she passed Floyd in the corridor. The next day the club called her and asked her to go back in and Floyd was there in person with a candle-lit dinner in the strip club to tell her she got the job and she was now the lead girl.”

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