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Resentment grows in Prince Charles for Kate Middleton’s family

Prince Charles was allegedly snubbed from Prince George’s birthday preparation which has added further to the rift between him and Kate Middleton’s parents.

As per hearsay, Kate Middleton’s parents Carole and Michael Middleton carried out the preparation for their grandson’s big day while Charles did very little in the planning of the party in 2017.

According to Daily Express, an insider claimed that Charles and Camilla didn’t plan the bash rather they were ‘invited’ to the event helmed by the Middleton family.
The outlet reported, “It was the latest factor contributing to what was a growing resentment in Charles towards his in-laws, who he felt got to see their mutual grandchildren more than he did.”

“Carole organised everything and Charles and Camilla were, of course, invited. He went, because he wasn’t prepared to miss out but Camilla didn’t go,” a source told the site.

“Apparently she had other commitments.”
Charles was also busy discussing a rural protection campaign with Emma Bridgewater.
“Charles didn’t want to miss his grandson’s birthday, but the fact that the whole thing was essentially a Middleton event with Carole orchestrating the whole thing is exactly what upsets him.”

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