Check Out: How Once a Prescription Medication Almost Landed Tiger Woods In Jail

Tiger Woods is loved by tons of people across the globe. The 15-time major champion has set numerous records in the sport. Apart from his astonishing records, Woods is also widely admired for his humble nature and honest comments off the course. The golf ace is rarely involved in controversies. However, only some of his die-hard fans might know about his arrest in May 2017.

Woods gets arrested in Florida.
The former golf champion was once arrested in Florida after being tested for drugs. The golfer had an active ingredient of marijuana, two painkillers, and two sleep drugs were present in his blood when Florida police arrived to arrest him. He was arrested on a D.U.I. charge as per a report by the police.

The police described the case as one of reckless driving. They said that Woods’ car was found stopped in the right lane and was also partially parked in the bike lane. They also mentioned that the golf star was asleep in the driver’s seat while his Mercedes was still running.

Woods was not in a condition to speak properly when the police found him. When they asked Woods about his situation, he said at a noticeably slow pace that he had no idea where he was. “Woods had changed his story of where he was going and where he was coming from.” “Woods asked how far from his house he was,” the police said.

Tiger Woods crashes his car.
Four years after the incident, another event took place that brought Tiger Woods to the headlines. But this time, he was in the news for something terrible. It was February 2021 when Tiger Woods drove off and crashed his car, heavily injuring himself, the effects of which are still being felt by him.

Woods suffered numerous leg injuries, and as per his doctors, he could have easily lost his leg. Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva explained that Woods first hit the curb, then hit a tree, and his car rolled over several times.

Woods is still recovering slowly from his underlying injuries and trying his best to play on the course. He has also been trying to avoid putting pressure on his leg whenever possible. But Woods’ swing still has the same power and efficiency as it did before his accident.

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