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Prince William is ‘revved up’ to ‘enter the American market’ – unlike ‘dour’ Prince Harry

Prince William, 40, is the president of the Earthshot Prize, which is an independent charity from his Royal Foundation. The Prize is “designed to incentivise change and help to repair our planet over the next 10 years”. Inspired by President John F. Kennedy’s 10-year goal of landing on the moon (known as Moonshot), the Earthshot Prize aims to promote positive approaches to environmental challenges.

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The Earthshot Prize was held in London in 2021, but the Duke of Cambridge announced he is taking the awards to the USA in 2022.
William released a video announcing the move on social media on Wednesday.

The Duke said: “In 2022, we’re back and bringing Earthshot to the USA where we’ll award the next five winners of the prize.”

The video then cuts to the professional baseball player for the Red Sox, Xander Bogaerts, from Fenway Park.
“And we will be doing it right here in Boston,” Mr Bogaerts said.

During their visit to Boston, Kate Middleton and William will also spotlight and celebrate the “inspiring” city for their work on addressing the impacts of climate change and building a resilient future, they said in a statement.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were last in the USA in 2014 during their visit to New York.
William’s brother Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle are current residents in America.

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Did the Duke of Cambridge seem anxious in his announcement video about travelling to the same country as his estranged brother?

Judi James, a professional body language expert exclusively told Express.co.uk: “This clip is a bit of a revelation.

“Far from looking like a stuffy, remote and a rather formal royal from across the Atlantic, William seems to have added a bit of USA pep, bounce and energy into this promo for the Earthshot prize.

“That is, rather than cashing in on his status and credentials as a future King.
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“The softer shoulder of his jacket gives it a more modern slant and his speed and energy of delivery as he walks towards the camera should suit the pace and drive of the nation he will be visiting.”

How did this compare to Prince Harry’s speech at the United Nations earlier in the week?
Judi claimed: “On Monday we saw Harry looking dour and formal for his keynote lecture.
“But here we have a man looking as though he can’t wait to enter the American market.

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