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Ja Morant, Who Admitted His Father Trash Talked Stephen Curry’s Veteran Teammate During NBA Playoffs, Gave a Surprising Take on the “Beef”

Trash Talking has now weaved itself into the NBA as a long standing tradition. The Golden State Warriors and the Memphis grizzlies are always engaged in a rather competitive war of words. The two sides have met each other several times in the last few seasons. In the 2020-21 season, Ja Morant’s Grizzlies eliminated Stephen Curry and the Warriors in the intense play-in tournament.

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The Warriors came back the next season to eliminate the Grizzles from the 2021-22 NBA Playoffs to eventually win the Championship. The trash talking has not come to a halt even after the season is over. Recently, fans saw Warriors veteran Draymond Green and Ja Morant jaw at each other on social media. Stephen Curry was also briefly part of the feud. Meanwhile, Morant’s father is notorious for sitting courtside and throwing jabs at his opponents.

Interestingly, Ja Morant’s father also was a part of the trash-talking. With his father being one of the more respectable figures in the NBA, the jabs came as a surprise for one and all. The feud between the Warriors and Tee Morant was just on the court; off the court, there is immense respect between him and those he banters with.

The relationship between Morant’s father and Stephen Curry’s Warriors was full of respect after the Grizzlies lost. Morant went on to give an interesting take on the beef as he said that he fails to understand why the Grizzlies occupy real estate inside Stephen Curry and the Warriors’ heads.

The year-long feud started with Jaren Jackson bantering with the Warriors’ ‘Strength in Numbers’ motto after a play-in win. Klay Thompson and Draymond Green stepped into the media light with all the trash talk as they had kept the receipts. The Warriors waited to say their piece. Since then, thousands of tweets have been exchanged, adding fuel to the fire.

Ja Morant talks about his father trash-talking Warriors’ Stephen Curry and Draymond Green
Grizzlies star Ja Morant talks about a valuable lesson that his father taught him. His father was trash-talking NBA veteran Draymond Green and went toe-to-toe with the season’s trash talker that Green is.

Morant said, “He’s talked trash to you. They have the relationship of obvious respect for each other, and right after the game, they dapp up and uh have a laugh together, and they know it’s you know me as well so um it’s all love, but he always told me inside those four lines, you know you can’t have no friends so.”

cuz da money won’t ever change me . been on dat , still on dat , forever on dat , won’t ever speak on it

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It is interesting to see how the relationship off the court is full of respect. Ja questioned why the Warriors chanted ‘Whoop that trick‘ in their parades.

Tee Morant is Ja Morant’s biggest hater
Morant once called his father his biggest hater, and this was also because of how he motivates him.

Morant said, “Still to this day, sometimes during the game, he’s like ‘you still overrated, you still suck.’ If I can take it from my dad … nobody else opinions pretty much matters.”

Ja Morant’s dad makes sure to keep him humble 😂
“Still to this day sometimes during the game he’s like ‘you still overrated, you still suck.’ If I can take it from my dad … nobody else opinion pretty much matters.” pic.twitter.com/A3CEeXYmeT

It will be interesting to see the Warriors-Grizzlies rivalry in the upcoming season. Hopefully, the trash-talking stays on the court, and the respect stays intact!

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