Tiger Woods reveals why he cried at the Old Course

Tiger Woods probably played his last match at the Open in St.Andrews. There are chances that he will appear at the tournament in 2030, but it seems that they are not too big. “I had a few tears. I’m not one who gets very teary-eyed very often about anything.

But the warmth and the ovation at 18 – it got to me,” Tiger Woods said, as quoted by express. Woods himself confirmed the speculation that this is his last appearance at the Open. Injuries played a big role in the whole story.

“To me it felt like this might have been my last Open here at St Andrews. I’m not retiring from the game but I don’t know if I will be physically able to play back here again when it comes back around.
“I’ll be able to play future Opens, yes, but eight years’ time, I doubt if I’ll be competitive at this level”.

Joe LaCava: I’m ready to help him
His long-term caddy Joe LaCava spoke about the future of Woods. He is ready to help Woods and do his best to get Tiger back on the golf course. Many hope for the same, but we will see if Woods will be able to return and be the same.

“I won’t do much, I’ll do the same thing. I’ll say ‘Tiger, hey listen, if you’re starting to feel better in October or November, maybe I’ll come down for a couple of weeks [to Florida], we’ll hang out, don’t have to play every day, we don’t have to practice every day, I’ll be there and maybe give you a bit of motivation, we’ll do some playing practice here and there and get ready for the Hero and get ready for the following year of ’23 and get him ready in any respect that he needs.”

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