‘I thought Rafael Nadal was going to play until…’, says former ace

In Newport, Maxime Cressy won the first ATP tournament of his career. The American took the title, beating Alexander Bublik on his land in three sets, in a final that gave a lot to talk about, especially because of the statements that followed the award ceremony.

“You’ve been very lucky. Take all the money you’ve won here and go play roulette. You’re going to win big,” the Kazakh attacked. The winner replied immediately: “I apologize for being so lucky” Controversy aside, the Newport winner also spoke of his future goals: in particular, becoming number one in the world.
“The way I’ve risen up the rankings in just two years shows me that I have what it takes to be number one in the world and I think after winning this title and being in the top 30, that belief will help me. I would like to be an inspiration to many players, allowing network play to become important again.

It would be nice if more and more players decided to apply this tactic in their game more often,” said the serve-and-volley man. Speaking of a game strategy that Cressy is the guardian of in this new generation of tennis players, the American took the opportunity to praise the Spanish number one: “I really like it when Rafael Nadal does it, and more and more frequently in recent times”

Newport is the third final of the season for Maxime Cressy. The first was earlier this season, when the American lost in the last act of the Melbourne ATP 250 to Rafael Nadal.” Those matches were also harrowing. Playing against Nadal was incredible; it was more like ‘is this really happening?’ I think that was one of the reasons why I wasn’t able to beat him,” he said of the first final.

Gonzalez comments on Rafa Nadal
Fernando Gonzalez has said that he is no longer surprised about how Rafael Nadal is still playing at such a high level. “It stopped surprising me,” Gonzalez said. “I thought he was going to play until young and he is playing until old.

When he got injured, we didn’t think he was going to win Wimbledon and he already won it twice and so on. He had chances to continue for the Grand Slam. Djokovic came very close to winning it last year. It must be a huge pressure and very exhausting, I would have liked to see someone achieving that feat.”

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