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Despite Retirement Announcement: “Roger Federer will do something important”

Fernando Gonzalez talked about his period as a tennis player, inevitably ending up talking about Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. The Swiss, among other things, won the 2007 Australian Open against the Chilean. Gonzalez explained: “A very nice one was the one with Nico Massu.

We come from the same country, we played against several times, but we were very close to each other. In this sport you have to be very competitive, if you don’t have this character, the circuit knocks you out. I also fondly remember my matches with Ljubicic, Federer, Nadal, Roddick, Davydenko or Wawrinka, with all of them I played many times.”

Federer’s question mark: “I’m sure he’ll want to say goodbye at some point, but if he comes back I think he’ll aim for something important, because he has the level. I don’t know what it will be like for a five-set game, but to play three sets he has certainly still the papers in order.

Roger knows his body very well, more than any other young tennis player. The physical problem is felt especially in recovery, when it is time to prepare for the next game, it is then that it will be more difficult for him.

I don’t know if he will win a Grand Slam again, but in three-set tournaments I think he can do something interesting.”

Gonzalez was very surprised by Nadal
On Nadal he told: “I thought he would play as long as he was young and instead he is playing until he is old.

When he exploded we didn’t think he would win Wimbledon and instead he won it twice, and so on. He had the chance to keep fighting for the Grand Slam, Djokovic was already very close to winning it last year, I guess it must be a huge and very tiring pressure.

I would have liked to have seen someone carry out this feat.” Gonzalez talks about his life and his possible future as a coach: “I don’t want to travel all year, not right now, I want to be a present dad now.

Maybe for a few weeks, if a tennis player chooses me, you might want to consider it. If someone who interests me chooses me, I could get excited. I enjoy competition, it is a pleasure to work from the inside, but traveling again is my touchstone. Now I’m moving to Miami and I’ll be closer to everything, so we’ll see what options come up.”

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