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Federer also deals better with losses now: ‘I loved watching Roger Federer’

Roger Federer did not have an easy childhood as at the age of 14 he left home to go train at the Swiss National Center in Ecublens. “At first, I missed my house. On Sunday night, when I left my house, it was difficult,” the Swiss admitted as quoted by Illustre.

Federer also deals better with losses now. “Before, I used to cry after every lost game. Now I almost don’t, except in very close games. I’m going to take a shower and I feel better after a while.” There is one thing that Federer always hated during his career: being nervous.

“I hate it. If I realize five minutes before a match my rope isn’t tight enough, it’s horrible,” the Swiss said. The comparison with former No. 9 and Olympic winner Marc Rosset is obvious, but Stefan Oberer, who coached the Geneva native for a long time, said: “They learn things quickly.

But Roger is much stronger than Marc. He is less tense and knows what he wants. Before going to the Orange Bowl, he did not hesitate to announce that he wanted to be the best junior player. The Americans got it. It’s been a long time since they last saw such a player, they say.

What great potential.” Federer won the Orange Bowl and then played at Wimbledon. He has something funny to say: “I didn’t know where he was anymore. At some point, I was sure the net was too high… Also, he was suffering from an injury.

He showed the true character of him,” Oberer insisted. “He was the talent of the decade, he played like he breathed.”

King Roger will play the 2022 Laver Cup
Omar Jasika has sadly become one of those players whose true potential was never realized.

In a recent interview with Punto De Break, the 25-year-old Australian spoke about how he didn’t necessarily have any idols growing up watching tennis but loved watching Swiss legend Roger Federer play. “I didn’t have any idols as such, although I loved watching Federer, it’s amazing,” Jasika said.

Earlier, the Laver Cup announced massive news, as Novak Djokovic joined the likes of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Andy Murray in Team Europe in this year’s edition. There were plenty of rumors about the Big Four joining forces against the Team World at the Laver Cup this year, as fans could not contain their excitement. Notably, the first edition of the Laver Cup took place in 2017, and Team Europe lifted the trophy.

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