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Kardashian fans spot ‘gross’ detail in Kourtney’s new photo with husband Travis Barker as couple cuddles on the beach

KOURTNEY Kardashian and husband Travis Barker have found themselves in the middle of another controversy.

The couple, who have made no secret of their love for each other’s feet, are accused of making a major mistake on a recent trip to the beach.

Kourtney and Travis share some beach time
But fans thought Travis’ socks and shoes combo on the beach were too much
In photos shared on Instagram, Kourtney can be seen lying in her husband’s arms on a beach chair.

A second photo, from Travis’ point of view, reveals Kourtney’s legs intertwined with his on the sand.
Travis captioned the touching photo: “Timeless.”
While Kourtney commented: “When time stands still.”

Shocked and confused fans rallied in an online chat room, trying to gather answers.
“Socks and shoes on the beach? My god, with her wearing boots to the beach lately, I just know both of their feet stink collectively!”

“Homeboy wore converses to the beach,” another shocked fan wrote, while another echoed: “F**king hell. Socks AND shoes on the beach? Absolutely foul.”

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