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Valtteri Bottas Makes a Bold Claim About Lewis Hamilton in Warning to His F1 Rivals

Valtteri Bottas has officially left the Mercedes AMG F1 team. The Finnish driver will join the Swiss-based Alfa Romeo team from the 2022 season. The 10-time race winner had a successful time with Mercedes; along with Lewis Hamilton, he helped the team win 5 consecutive constructors’ championships from 2017 to 2021.

But Bottas could not manage to win the drivers’ championship despite having an excellent car to compete in. Lewis Hamilton beat him comprehensively during his time with the German team. All said and done, Valtteri believes he has learned a lot from the 7-time world champion in their partnership.

I’ve definitely learned a lot from him over the past five years: Valtteri Bottas
As reported by Formule1.nl, the Finnish driver mentioned that the improvements that Lewis made during their time in his driving style impressed him. He also mentioned that the 7-time world champion constantly worked on himself as he realized the competition was getting tougher.

“It’s really impressive that he continues to develop as a driver every year. He has so much experience in Formula 1, but he has been able to learn more and I have developed myself as a driver, but so has Lewis.

It doesn’t come naturally. He works for it because he knows the competition is getting tougher,” said Bottas.

Formula One F1 – Mexico Grand Prix – Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, Mexico City, Mexico – November 6, 2021, Mercedes’ Valtteri Bottas celebrates pole position with Lewis Hamilton Pool via REUTERS/Francisco Guasco
He also mentioned that he learned a lot from the 7-time world champion in their partnership. “I’ve definitely learned a lot from him over the past five years. It’s impressive to see that he can still develop himself and not slow down.

He always wants to get more out of himself and the team. That has been the same every year. He’s only getting better,” said Valtteri.

Although Bottas did not beat Hamilton in the title fight, he pushed him right to the edge at times. Bottas was very consistent in challenging Hamilton in the qualifying session and got the better of him frequently. He finished second in the drivers’ standings twice in five years, with 2019 being his best year.

Let’s hope that the things he has learned from Lewis benefit him during his time with Alfa Romeo. What is your prediction for the Finn for the 2022 season?

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