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Bad Influence: Meghan Markle ‘breaks tradition’ with ‘tricky’ outfit – ‘taking cue’ from ‘risqué’ royal

The Duchess of Sussex is known for her crisp white shirts, tailored suits, and stiletto heels. She always looks put together whenever she leaves the house thanks to her statement wardrobe pieces. Last week, Meghan was seen wearing an unique outfit that was both stylish but difficult to wear, according to an expert.
The name Kate uses when shopping in private to protect her identity
Miranda Holder, TV stylist and royal fashion expert, spoke to Express.co.uk about Meghan’s daring choice of outfit last week.

The Duchess of Sussex was photographed meeting her friend, Gloria Steinem, at the Crosby Hotel in New York.

She was wearing brand new Bermuda shorts from iconic fashion house Dior, paired with a white shirt, a Ralph Lauren brown leather belt, and Manolo Blahnik brown heels.

Meghan completed the look with her late mother-in-law’s Gold Tank Française watch and the Duchess’ own Love Yellow Gold Cartier bracelet.
Meghan’s shorts were a daring choice, according to an expert (Image: GoffPhotos.com)
Meghan’s hair was swept back from her face in a low ponytail and her make-up was minimal, showing off her summer glow.

She also carried a brown clutch bag.
A pair of shorts is a brave fashion choice as they can be difficult to wear, according to Miranda, but Meghan pulled off the look well.
The fashion expert explained: “Meghan personified her signature minimalist chic tyle with her classic shorts look last week.

“Meghan looks great because the shorts fit well. They are tailored to flatter her figure, made of a quality fabric that drapes beautifully and the length is modest enough to retain elegance.”

Members of the Royal Family do not often wear shorts in public, perhaps because of the fact they are tricky to pull off.
Kate Middleton has not been seen in smart shorts since joining the Royal Family – only sporty shorts, worn to take part in activities.

The TV stylist continued: “Perhaps the Duchess was taking her style cues from the iconic Princess Diana, a kindred spirit when it comes to royal rebellion, but also an avid shorts wearer, regularly wearing an elevated pair with simple pointed flats, to show off her shapely legs.

“Diana was a fashion pioneer for the firm, wearing clothes which had been previously deemed too high-fashion or even risqué for the royals, who have built their personal brand with a portfolio of classic, neutral looks, designed to be inoffensive, which also made so many of them unforgettable.”

Miranda claimed that “Diana really shook things up, often using her clothing to communicate when she was unable to express herself in any other way”.

She added: “Meghan in today’s world is not as restricted, but we still see her asserting her rights to independence through her more informal personal style, often breaking with royal tradition in the process.”
But would other members of the Royal Family, such as the Duchess of Cambridge, ever wear opt for tailored shorts to leave the house?

Miranda doesn’t think so. “I don’t predict that shorts will be adopted as a staple in the Buckingham Palace wardrobes very soon,” she said.
“But I do think there is room for them to feature occasionally on the younger working members of the Royal Family – the key is always in the length and fit, to the knee or below, with culottes being an even safer option.”

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