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‘Haunted eyes’: Prince Harry ‘cheerful’ day with Cambridges is ‘forgotten history’

Prince Harry, Prince William and Kate Middleton shared ‘closeness’ before Meghan Markle came along.
In 2014, Harry alongside William and Kate attended the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.
Speaking of their body language during the Games, expert Judi James touches upon the close bond of now estranged brothers.

She told the Mirror: “When there are people sitting in between them, the acute, mirrored angle of lean that Harry and William perform to allow themselves to have closeness and a more intimate conversation suggests they’d be happier sitting together having playful fun.

“Kate is never seen to be left out, though. This was very much a team of three and Harry often appeared to offer Kate more moments of shared, relaxed fun and laughter than William did. He is very much the animated comic here who goes out of his way to make his brother and sister-in-law laugh.”

She added: “Harry was the guy who sparkled the brightest and who made his brother less stuffy in the process. He made a cautiously self-aware Kate giggle and grin on a regular basis and he must have made royal duties a load more fun.

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“Comparing Harry’s demeanour here to his recent, often dour facial expressions or the haunted eyes we saw as he quit the UK after tumbling headlong out of this sibling closeness, we can also see that the benefits of the original relationship were emphatically two-or-three-way.

“Looking at the fun, funny, naughty and animated Harry here is like a real glimpse of recent but forgotten history.

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