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Message Details Revealed: Mansour Bahrami reveals Novak Djokovic’s message that left him happy

1989 French Open doubles finalist Mansour Bahrami revealed Novak Djokovic approached him a few years ago and told him he was a fan of his tennis. Bahrami, 66, is a regular participant of matches played between legends during Grand Slam tournaments.

Bahrami is known as a great entertainer and his matches feature a wide range of trick shots. Djokovic, a 21-time Grand Slam champion, is a big admirer of Bahroumi’s on-court style and personality. “Novak Djokovic, came to me three years ago.

We were in the locker room in Roland Garros. I was talking to Boris and then Novak came to me and he says, ‘Mansour, I look(ed) at your videos and I love watching them. It’s fantastic, I’ve tried to pick some of your tricks and I hope you don’t mind.’

I was very surprised and happy that he told me, he had the honesty to tell me,” Bahrami said on the ATP Tennis Radio Podcast, as quoted on Sportskeeda. “I said, ‘Nole, you are number 1 in the world and thank you for asking me, the honour for me if you want to try my shots is an honour for me, go ahead and help yourself.”

Bahrami complimented by Djokovic
Iran is not a really country known for tennis, but Bahrami was lucky that his father worked as a gardner in a large sports complex that featured wide range of sports courts. “In the 1960s, when I was a 5-year-old, we had one big sports complex and we had every sport in it.

My father was a garderner there. When I started walking, I could go and play any sport, it wasn’t a problem,” Bahrami revealed. In singles, Bahrami never enjoyed much success as he never broke into the top-15. But Bahrami did have some success in doubles, most notably reaching the French Open doubles final in 1989.

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