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Environmentalist LeBron James invests $30 million amidst the oil crisis and wants to get…….

LeBron James loves cycling, seriously! In fact, he loves it so much, that he’s willing to invest $30 million dollars. A new environmentalist?

It looks as though there is a new wave of environmentalists blooming in the NBA. From players that have gone fully vegan to players who bike to arenas.

The wave has the potential to turn into a storm and with the latest news of LeBron James hopping on this trend, it sure looks like the weather is about to change.

Yes, LeBron James, the face of the league is all set to invest heavily in an environment-friendly mode of transport. Inevitably, you will see a trickle-down of athletes and media turning into environmentalists.

But what exactly happened and why has LeBron just poured in money on this venture? Let’s find out!
LeBron James the environmentalist or the cyclist? He invests $30 million on a bicycle brand amidst the oil crisis!
As the world’s economic state continues to deteriorate, there is a concern and a requirement to look towards alternative modes of transportation.

LeBron has always been passionate about bikes as he used to do so back in Akron. He even rode it around during his time in Miami.
James also invested in Cannondale, another bicycle brand. He did so long before his current interest.

$30 million is a lot of investment and knowing LeBron, it is most likely to pay off. He has somewhat of a Midas touch when it comes to investing. Keep an eye out on this space for more development on this.

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