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Meghan and Harry find new way of making money as celebrities

Neil Sean, a royal expert claimed that Meghan Markle’s new shopping pictures are “staged” as she looks much in ”control”. Mr Sean confirmed that the celebrities strike a deal with the agencies informing them about their location, the pictures are later sold to the respective newspapers, and both sides earn profit out of it. Meghan’s new pictures are been considered as a medium to earn “money” from the snaps.

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Speaking on his YouTube channel, Mr Sean said: “It’s a very private area, are there paparazzis waiting around all the time? and when you look at the pictures they are indeed very clear so were they staged pictures, well, looking at it from both sides of the picture.

“As we often say here on the show, yes the pictures are very clear and it would be very strange if Meghan didn’t know that she was being photographed simply because she looks very much in control but the other side of the coin is you can’t stop paparazzi it’s totally different around the world here in Britain.

“There are certain sort of things that we’re not allowed to do and that would be one of them to rush up and get a very clear picture now.

“Of course, there could be telephoto lenses from quite a long way away some people who have been rather unkind could be saying.

“Of course that Harry and Meghan are in cahoots with that particular snapper or indeed celebrity agency. Let me tell you how that works you contact the celebrity photographer, you do a split deal with them, they sell it to the newspapers syndicated around the world, and then you get a quarter or half the money.

“Of course you have to pretend you didn’t know the pictures were being taken and you were caught off aloud but always looking very glamorous and very much in control. I’m not suggesting for one moment that this is the case but again you know this is how Harry and Meghan could make their money moving forward as celebrities now outside the British Monarchy.”

Meghan Markle was spotted in Montecito wearing a Massimo Dutti brown wool coat with knee-length brown boats and a matching beanie hat.

Research from money.co.uk suggested the Duke and Duchess of Sussex could look at partnering up with luxury brands to further strengthen their financial independence.

Twitterati has been divided into two as few blame her for “staged” pictures while her fans loved her “glamourous” look for a quick shopping day out.

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One, with the user name @SneezeCocoa said: “Meghan looks absolutely gorgeous! And being papped from time to time is expected, it’s the illegal and intrusive actions of the media and paparazzi I have an issue with.”

A spokesperson for Design Bundles said: “Every glimpse of Meghan Markle proves her to be an absolute fashion icon, even when stepping out for a hurried shopping trip, like so many other parents close to Christmas.

“Her use of deliciously blended shades of brown, from the darker hues of her signature Massimo Dutti brown coat to her soft camel of her beanie hat, shows an expert knowledge of colour blocking.

“The fact that searches for “brown wool coat” have exploded so significantly after she wore one out in Montecito proves her style to be hugely influential, wherever she is in the world, with people desperate to emulate her every look.”

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