‘Let him play!’ Biden blasted over Novak Djokovic ban as US Congress get involved

US Congresswoman Claudia Tenney has led calls for Novak Djokovic to be allowed to compete at the US Open later this year. It is unclear whether the Wimbledon champion will be allowed into the country to play at the tournament due to the tight vaccination rules.

Individuals entering the US must provide proof of at least a double vaccination to be allowed in. Very few exceptions are made, but Djokovic’s fans believe he should be free to enter in a bid to win his 22nd career Grand Slam.

Djokovic is still hopeful of being able to participate. The Serb has said that he is preparing for the tournament as if has been told that he can play.
Republican congresswoman Tenney has told the world No 7 that she is trying to get more Congressional support in a bid to force the American authorities to allow him to enter. The 61-year-old joined other fans in hoping Djokovic can compete.

Tenney – who has frequently campaigned for Djokovic’s entry – wrote on Twitter on Sunday: “I wrote a letter to the Secretary Of State urging him to let you play in the US Open. Trying to get more Congressional support as well! I will pursue every angle! Srecno!”

Other supporters joined in, with @DrEliDavid tweeting: “There is ZERO medical or scientific reason to ban Djokovic from participating in US Open #LetNovakPlay.”
@RamTennisGirl added: “We are in a different place with covid now. We are more educated and we know how to take precautions. @usopen should test @DjokerNole consistently and if he stays negative then just let him play for gosh sakes. This is ruining tennis history!!”

Paraphrasing a quote in which Djokovic revealed he will prepare for the US Open as if he is able to compete, @Saanukii claimed it is the tennis star’s problem that he cannot enter the country. They said: “‘As if I will be allowed to compete’ – my brother in christ you chose to not get vaccinated.”

@Drlaurajo emphasised that it is in Djokovic’s power to be allowed granted permission to play, adding: “There is plenty of room for folks to travel to the US if they are vaccinated. It’s all in your own power, Novak. I perfectly respect your right to choose. But if that choice has consequences, then accept them with grace.”

Others feel that Djokovic is creating a problem for himself and cannot blame anyone else. @S_RF_CA said: “I really hate how Djokovic is trying to portray himself as some kind of victim that isn’t allowed to play due a massive injustice when it’s literally on his hands to play by just getting vaccinated. This is next level of shame. It’s a vaccine. You’re not banned for discrimination.”
Janu_sportcrazy sighed: “Here we go again. Why can’t he get vaccinated and end this bulls*** if he really wants to play.”

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