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Complicated as Seen: Kendall Jenner Confirmed Her Relationship Status With Devin Booker

There seems to be no question when it comes to where Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker currently stand in their relationship. See the photos of the pair hanging out together during a recent getaway.

The Kardashians star and Phoenix Suns player recently enjoyed a fun-filled adventure together outdoors—proving that they’re on the best of terms. On July 31, Kendall shared a snippet of Devin axe-throwing while the two were in a wooded area to her Instagram Stories. As for more evidence of their good time? She also shared a video of herself ziplining during their quick getaway.

The model’s recent post comes just a few weeks after she also enjoyed a tropical trip, during which she shared all the sunny snaps to her Instagram. And just a little while after her initial posts, Devin himself posted a few pics of a similar nature—leading fans to believe he was also on that very same vacation.

However, the pair’s recent reunions aren’t all too surprising, considering the outings come just a few weeks after a source told E! News that the two were rekindling their romance after calling a quick time out on their two-year courtship in late June.

“She and Devin are fully back together,” the insider told E! News in mid-July. “They worked out their issues and decided they want to move forward and be together.”

Although the two hit a “rough patch,” earlier this summer, which led to their breakup—it proved to be not the end of the road for the couple, but just a bump along the way.

“They moved on and it’s going really well,” the source added. “They have been spending a lot of time together recently and Devin was her date to her friend Lauren’s wedding in Napa.”

And that time together continues.

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